Anxiety: Finding Commonality Through Shared Experiences
Book created in response to Hammett Nurosi's DS3 prompt on conveying a narrative through multiplicity.
Hand-bound and assembled.
The two main texts featured in the book are excerpts from articles originally written and published for The Atlantic. The first article included personal experiences dealing with anxiety, which I chose to divide into individual chapters. The second article had only one author, which allowed for me to easily make interjections into the main text. I then allowed my own voice to be the one that guided the reader through the book.
My personal remarks are included on post-it notes throughout the book. The idea to use these removable post-its, and emphasize annotative qualities in the design came from my process of printing out the articles to read. I found myself underlining and writing in the margins when it came to parts I related to. I wanted to keep this personal quality in the final book, while it still feeling purposeful and well-designed.
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