Reading in public can be a pain. You just want to be left alone, but there’s always that lady on the subway or hipster in the coffee shop who wants to know,  “What are you reading?”
Lucky for you, I’m here! Just swap me out for the jacket of your current read (or slide me over your paperback), and don’t worry about being pestered by the non-reading public.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy your book. I’ll see you on the last page!
Final jackets printed on canvas, measuring 21 in x 9.25 in (made to fit most standard adult hardcovers, but easily able to fit smaller sized books).
Details of the spines, printed on canvas.
Each jacket is designed for the text to be readable by on-lookers, from left to right (back cover to front cover). The spines feature icons that relate to the particular phrase, and the brand logo of a ribbon bookmark.
The jackets create a dialogue with both the reader (interior book flaps include instructions for use and a final question and attached ribbon bookmarks create banter when the reader chooses to reopen or close the book), while also having a conversation with observers.
Designs for matching bookmarks to be attached with white ribbon to the inside spine of the main jackets. The bookmarks create a bit of witty banter with the reader!
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